Thread Milling

Solid carbide thread milling cutters made with high quailty sub-micron wear resistant carbide for helical-interpolation forming of precision threads.

Suitable for a wide range of materials up to 62HRC including plain carbon, alloy and die steel, stainless, titanium alloys and cast iron. Can also be used for aluminium and copper alloys.

Shanks are H6 and can be used in a wide range of holding options like precision ER collets, hydraulic and shrink fit chucks.

Excellent tool life with high surface finish, availalbe in ISO Metric, UN Unified, ACME, Trapezoidal, NPT, BSP, BSPT, 55° & 60° Partial Profile.

Mini type, Single Flute, Multi Flute and Tapered End Mills for Pre-condition of Tapered Pipe Threads.

Full flute thread milling cutters are suitable for materials up to HRC40 with up to 2xD depth. For HRC40-HRC55 mini-type or single flute are prefered, for materials HRC55-HRC62 single tooth is more stable.

For more than 2xD to less than 3xD use mini type for 4xD or more use single tooth there are also 4xd mini type for easy to cut steels.

Use the largest diameter of thread mill possible for example you can cut an M12x1.5 thread with both 8mm diameter x 1.5 and 10mm diameter x1.5 cutter but the 10mm is prefered as it is stronger and more rigid.