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Grade PCD 1300 (Grain size=5µ) for General Turning and Milling of Aluminium with Silicon content (Si<12%), also suitable for Graphite, Carbon, Plastic Composites, Rubber, Wood, Copper and Bronze Alloys, Zinc. Main properties, good edge quality providing a good surface finish, excellent wear resistance, medium impact strength.


Grade PCD 1500 (Grain size=25µ) for Roughing and Finish Turning of Aluminium with high Silicon content (Si>12%) Interrupted cutting of Aluminium with Si<12%, Rough Turning of highly abrasive Composite Plastics, Cemented Tungsten Carbide <16% Cobalt, Ceramics. Main properties, very high wear resistance, high impact strength.

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Recommended Cutting Conditions - Speeds and Feeds for PCD Inserts.
For Milling and Grooving see the individual product page.
Material Recommended Grade Cutting Speed m/min Feed mm/rev Depth of Cut
Aluminium Alloys Si<5% PCD 1300 500-3000 0.1-0.5 up to 3mm
Aluminium Alloys Si<12% PCD 1300 400-1500 0.1-0.5 up to 3mm
Aluminium Alloys Si<18% PCD 1500 300-800 0.1-0.3 up to 3mm
Copper, Bronze, Lead Alloys PCD 1300 200-1000 0.1-0.3 up to 3mm
Brass, Magnesium, Zinc Alloys PCD 1300 200-2000 0.1-0.3 up to 3mm
Composite Plastics PCD 1300 - PCD 1500 200-800 0.1-0.3 up to 2mm
Wood PCD 1300 500-3000 0.1-0.5 up to 3mm
Graphite, Carbon, Rubber PCD 1300 100-500 0.1-0.3 up to 3mm
Metal Matrix Composite PCD 1500 10-30 0.1-0.3 up to 1mm
Tungsten Carbide PCD 1500 10-30 0.1-0.15 up to 1mm