SDI3-04700-X25H 47mm Series 3 Spade Drill Insert Premium HSS with Hard Coating

SDI3-04700-X25H 47mm Series 3 Spade Drill Insert Premium HSS with Hard Coating
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Model:  SDI3-04700-X25H
Brand:  APT Carbide

Shipped Weight:  55 g


9 in stock, no more available  

9 in stock, no more available

APT Carbide

Carbide Inserts APT Brand utilising modern Base Grades, MT-CVD & PVD Coatings and proven Chip Geometries

47mm Diameter Series 3 Spade Drill Insert with Hard Coating.

X25H Powder Metal Premium HSS with Premium Hard Coating, this is our best performing grade of PM-M48 HSS.

Excellent for all types of steel, tool steel etc. Suitable for cast iron, stainless, high strength materials, high nickel alloy, high temperature alloys.

Features V-notch Geometry for centering and less cutting force and Corner Chamfer for edge strength.

Inserts are self centering, drill from flat work surface without pre-drilled hole.

Dimensions for SDI3-04700-X25H (mm)
47mm6.35 - 1/4"3
General Cutting parameters for SDI3-04700-X25H
MaterialHardness HBCutting Speed VC: m/minFeed mm/revApplication Choice
Non Alloyed Steel <0.25%C100-15038-70 (54)0.26-0.47 (0.34)Good
Non Alloyed Steel >0.25%C175-22535-64 (50)0.23-0.43 (0.31)Good
Non Alloyed Steel <0.55%C Quenched and Tempered225-27532-59 (45)0.23-0.43 (0.31)Good
Low Carbon steel l >0.55%C Annealed275-32525-36 (47)0.21-0.39 (0.28)Good
Low Carbon Steel l >0.55%C Quenched and Tempered30022-32 (41)0.19-0.35 (0.26)Good
Low Alloy Steel Annealed175-22533-62 (47)0.22-0.41 (0.30)Good
Low Alloy Steel Annealed225-27532-59 (45)0.22-0.41 (0.30)Good
Low Alloy Steel Annealed275-23528-53 (41)0.19-0.35 (0.26)Good
Low Alloy Steel Annealed235-37524-44 (34)0.19-0.35 (0.26)Good
High Alloy Steel Annealed225-30022-41 (32)0.19-0.34 (0.25)Good
High Alloy Steel Tempered300-35019-35 (27)0.19-0.34 (0.25)OK
Stainless Ferritic185-27516-29 (23)0.19-0.34 (0.25)Good
Stainless Martensitic275-35019-35 (27)0.16-0.29 (0.21)OK
Stainless Austenitic Annealed Hardened135-18518-32 (25)0.19-0.34 (0.25)Good
Stainless Austenitic Cast185-27518-32 (25)0.16-0.29 (0.21)Good
Super Duplex Stainless Ferritic135-18519-35 (27)0.19-0.34 (0.25)Good
Super Duplex Stainless Ferritic185-27516-29 (23)0.16-0.29 (0.21)OK
Grey Cast Iron Ferritic120-15038-70 (54)0.31-0.57 (0.42)Good
Grey Cast Iron Pearlitic150-20035-64 (50)0.29-0.53 (0.38)Good
Cast Iron Nodular Ferritic200-22032-59 (45)0.23-0.43 (0.31)Good
Cast Iron Nodular Pearlitic220-26032-59 (45)0.19-0.34 (0.25)OK
Cast Iron Malleable Ferritic120-15032-59 (45)0.31-0.57 (0.42)Good
Cast Iron Malleable Pearlitic260-32032-59 (45)0.16-0.29 (0.21)OK
Aluminium Wrought Alloys3047-88 (68)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Aluminium Wrought Alloys Cured18041-76 (59)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Aluminium Castings Si<12% Cured3047-88 (68)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Aluminium Castings Si<12%18041-76 (59)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Aluminium Alloys Si 12%-23%-41-76 (59)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Copper Alloy Free Cutting100-20047-88 (68)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Brass200-25047-88 (68)0.19-0.34 (0.25)OK
Copper Alloy >1% Pb10047-88 (68)0.31-0.57 (0.42)OK
Plastics-47-88 (68)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Hard Rubber6047-88 (68)0.29-0.53 (0.38)OK
Hi-temp Alloys Iron Based Annealed140-22014-27 (20)0.16-0.29 (0.21)Good
Hi-temp Alloys Iron Based Cured223-31011-21 (16)0.13-0.23 (0.17)OK
Hi-temp Alloys Ni or Co Based Annealed25011-21 (16)0.16-0.29 (0.21)OK
Hi-temp Alloys Ni or Co Based Cured35011-21 (16)0.13-0.23 (0.17)OK
Hi-temp Alloys Ni or Co Based Cast32011-21 (16)0.13-0.23 (0.17)OK
Pure Titanium32011-21 (16)0.16-0.29 (0.21)Good
Titanium Alpha + Beta Alloys Rm1050-11-21 (16)0.13-0.23 (0.17)OK
Hardox, AR400, T1, Wear Plate4007-13 (10)0.16-0.29 (0.21)OK
Hardened Steel300-4009-16 (13)0.16-0.29 (0.21)OK

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