Routing and Engraving Tools

14 November 2019  |  Admin

Now available from stock Routing and Engraving Cutters. Made from high quality carbide material including...

Routing and Engraving Tools For ABS Board, Plastic Resin, Copper, Brass, Steel etc. Lettering, Patterns, Marking, V-Grooves, Cutting, Slotting.

V-Bits Engraving Tools for Rotary Marking, Letters, Engraving, Patterns. Best to use sharp angels for small letters PVC and Plastic Materials large angles are more useful for Metals.

Routing Cutters Single Flute Up Cut, Right Hand Cutting for Aluminium and Acrylics. Single Flute for MDF Wood Etc.

Down Cut Routers Downward Spiral Plunge Style End Cutting Solid Carbide for Elimination of Burrs on the work surface for use on Soft and Flexible Materials.

Up and Down Cut Router Bits create a compression type cut for use when both top and bottom of the slot require a good finish with the bottom of the router being up cut and the rest of the flute down cut. Use on MDF, Wood Laminates and other Abrasive Materials.